When a break becomes an excuse to do nothing…

This is one of those pointless posts written from me to……me.  Yes, sometimes I need a good talking to and who better to do it than yours truly?  So Claire, this is for you:

  • It is not a good use of time to become lost in the YouTube blackhole.  In fact, some might say it is a colossal waste of time.  And singing your heart out to Glee music?  It is not healthy, I tell you.
  • No one should know every word to every Glee music video.  No one.  That includes you. Just sayin’.
  • It doesn’t matter that you are on your half term break, you have rooms that could do with a deep clean and I’m sure the freezer needs to be defrosted for the first time in forever.
  • Staying up until the early hours, even if you are on a half term break, watching back episodes of Glee is not conducive to getting up early- you know, that goal you set yourself days weeks months years ago?
  • Glee is not real.  It is not normal to burst into song when you feel the need to express yourself.  And dancing at your age? – Really not a good look.

Yes, I have become slightly obsessed.  I happen to be of the all or nothing persuasion.  Frankly, I rue the day I was introduced to Glee and the incredibly good music numbers that go with each episode.  It is Wednesday.  I have been on half term break since Monday and I have done very little in this time. This is not normal for me.  I need a kick up the backside and this is it.  No more behaving like a fourteen year old.  I am forty and need to start behaving as such.

And I will, after I watch just one more episode of Glee……


  1. Hey Claire

    For the record Glee rocks and there’s nothing wrong with a little down tools time!!

  2. I’ve never seen Glee; however, I think that bursting into song and dancing to express oneself is perfectly normal and should be done as often as possible! (Finding yourself doing it in a grocery store aisle when distracted is somewhat embarrassing, though.)

    1. Hi Erin! I missed you!!
      I’ve never burst into song in a supermarket but I was listening to Glee on my ear phones and belting it out…until my son came up to me and very respectfully asked if I could stop. Apparently I sing even more out of tune with the ear phones on!

  3. Singing is good for the soul but at 12am while I am trying to sleep……………….not good!!! Lol

  4. LOL, I’ve never seen Glee, but there is also a Pinterest black hole in addition to the You Tube one 🙁

    1. I’ve been mildly horrified by how quickly I fell into it! I’m not really one for watching much on the screen but I am totally addicted!! (Not today though. I’ve sworn off it for a while as I really need to do some school planning for next week)

  5. I looked up the definition of glee – a strong feeling of happiness, delight. Sounds wonderful if you ask me. Everyone deserves to feel some glee and I’m sure they’re called Glee clubs for a reason. So if Glee (the show) can connect you to some glee (the feeling) I say, go get some!!! Enjoy your break and don’t feel guilty about it (break definition = a pause in work). You deserve it. Cathy

    1. Thank you Cathy, you’re so sweet! I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few days (a bit too much possibly!) but I am knuckling down now, else my children won’t have a school to start back at next week!

  6. I haven’t seen any of the Glee episodes – but I’m quite familiar with the black hole of You-Tube! Maybe you’ll return from the abyss refreshed and ready to work…and if not…at least you got a blog post out of it 🙂

    1. Lol! Yes, I do feel refreshed. I must have just needed a few days staring mindlessly at a screen. It was very therapeutic.
      I love what you are doing with all your summer activities!

  7. I fell down the Glee music video hole a few weeks ago. It is perfectly healthy to have a little down time and to sing you heart out at any age. I am 42 and sing out regularly!
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Ah, but I bet you sing in tune. I am a woefully bad singer although enjoy it and music very much in deed. It’s the people who have to listen to me who aren’t so enthusiastic 😉

  8. Sometimes we just need a real break from all of our adult responsibilities. You will come out on the other side ready to tackle stuff.

  9. I’ve never actually watched Glee, but I’ve fallen down plenty of YouTube black holes. All your work will still be there patiently waiting when you come out of it again 🙂

  10. Lol Claire, good for you! Because breaking into song and dance, no matter what one sounds and looks like is great fun for all and worth every second – as well as all the inspiration behind it!

    1. Oh, Marie, if you could only hear me sing….cats being strangled come to mind! I love it when the house is empty because I can sing at the top of my voice without being moaned at!

  11. Hi Mummy, don’t worry, bursting into song and dancing at random times is perfectly fine, if not slightly random, any way your just as sane as I am!!!!! Which is very sane thank you very much.
    love you,
    P.S. If you ever need a singing partner I am available. I am listening to glee right now.

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