Precious Moments {25th March- 31st March}

This is a very quick precious moments post this week as we have been preparing for some of our Northern Irish friends to come and stay with us, which has meant that I completely forgot to take photos of all the school work we didn’t do 😉

It sounds like we did nothing, but that isn’t entirely true.  Thomas focused on getting through one more Chemistry IGCSE past paper:

whilst Lillie and Charlotte did the same with their English Language.  Next week I will need to be getting them to take a mock exam for their tutors to mark.

Lillie had the added pressure of completing her third lesson for her Level Two Art and Design.  She finished it up on Thursday and submitted it for marking.  It was an exploration of charcoal and she really did go all out, making her own charcoal ink as well as  creating art with charcoal dust.  Her final still life blew me away, and obviously had a similar effect on her tutor who awarded her 100%!!  Oh my goodness!  100%!!  She was so, so pleased:)

There were lots of things she felt she could improve on for next time, but she was incredibly pleased with herself 🙂

She has also been busy at my sewing machine.  At the beginning of the week she rummaged through all the old clothes and found a very old hoodie of Thomas’ which had the elbows all torn and worn away, and a pair of jeans which had ripped and were therefore unusable as trousers.  She cut off the arms of the hoodie and the legs of the jeans, and then sewed the legs on to the armless hoodie to give it a new pair of arms!

She was chuffed with the results:

A few weeks ago Lillie made a very unusual necklace charm, and I keep meaning to post it.  It is a polymer clay mermaid sitting in a real shell.  I thought her attention to detail was brilliant:

She baked it and it is now ready to be threaded onto a necklace.

Poor Charlotte has felt out of sorts this week and wasn’t really interested in doing a heap of extras, so she did just what she needed and rested for the remaining time.  There has been a small cold working its way around our family so I’m not sure if she was just slightly under the weather, and lethargic because of that.  It’s not like her so I am hoping she will be back to normal next week.

A8 has been hit worst with the cold but has battled on manfully!  We did the bare minimum in school, just reading, read aloud, copy work and maths which really was enough for her, although the little ones did find time to play with their polymer clay a few times:

I captured a lovely picture of B5 reading to Granny.  She takes each girl for about an hour each day and does extra reading, read aloud and writing with them.  It works really well because it means both girls have a concentrated hour with Granny working on the basics and another concentrated hour with me.  Their skills in these areas are improving all the time:

The girls are up in London today with Danielle and Amelia (friends from Northern Ireland) so I’ll not be seeing much of them (I’m at home with the little ones who are currently feasting on a picnic in the living room 🙂  ):

Tomorrow we will all be going up to London again (me included!) whilst Gary looks after the little ones.

Well, that’s it from the angelicscalliwags.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with much love and laughter <3

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Sounds like a great week- we took the week off from school and just enjoyed a nice lazy week around the house.

  2. Wow! The art projects are wonderful! And how clever to think of using pants for sleeves! Here’s hoping everyone feels better soon.

    Your kids are so blessed to get one on one time with their granny. Our closest granny is over 1,000 miles away . . .

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