Seasons of Joy: Self-Control – It’s all about the Mouth

The Bible has a lot to say about the mouth.  Usually with regards to the words that come out of it.  But as I was reading these verses, my mind began to apply them to my mouth and what goes into it.  It is after all the same thing which controls both – that rather allusive self-control!

Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips {Psalm 141:3}

As I read this I felt a nudging that this was to be my prayer each morning, before I had even risen out of bed; before I’d had the chance to eat, drink (coffee) and be merry.  Can you imagine the power if every morning I asked God to be the guard of my mouth, almost standing as a sentry on duty, preventing anything which would not build up the body from going in?  It would be a daily recognition that I hand over its keep to God.

A fool’s mouth is his ruin, and his lips are the snare of his soul {Proverbs 18:7}

Wow.  Again, I had always read this with regard to what comes out of the mouth, but, really, this is very applicable to me.  God has definitely revealed the horribleness of not having the self-control I should have.  I mentioned to my mother-in-law how ugly I found it, and she commented that that was a very strong expression.  But I absolutely feel this is what God has shown me (please know I am only talking about myself here)  I am a fool when I am eating rubbish that not only gives my body no nutrition but also actually harms it.  It is a fool’s paradise.  How easy it is to kid ourselves that we ‘need’ chocolate….sugar….doughnuts…

The one who guards his mouth preserves his life: the one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin  {Proverbs 13:3}

This is one of the many wise verses fool found in Proverbs.  Which one would I rather be?  A wise woman who preserves her life by guarding what goes into my mouth or a foolish one who constantly has her mouth wide open – alluding to the fact that I don’t really care what goes in….

Again, I really DO know that these verses are more talking about speech but I feel they are equally applicable to appetites, or maybe more accurately my appetite.

From the fruit of their mouths people’s stomachs are filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied  {Proverbs 18:20}

This verse is all about sewing and harvesting; the idea that one can fill themselves up and yet not be satisfied.  That is how I feel.  I can be stuffed but still want something more.  Of course, if I am stuffed with sugary delights there probably will never be satisfaction because my body needs so much more than that.  I need to make sure that the choices I offer myself and my family are ones that will elicit satisfaction, or a good harvest, instead of an emptiness and a yearning for something more.

The wise store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin {Proverbs 10:14}

Right now, I am that fool.  I eagerly buy chocolate and sugary goodies, except you know what?  They are not goodies at all, and for a fool they are inherent baddies.  But things are changing.  My perception of food is changing.  I am beginning to see it for what it is.  I see it now as the ugliness of an area of sin in my life and I can see that what seems so beautiful in the moment (chocolate) is actually sin dressed up as something it’s not.  It is not beautiful, for sin is never beautiful.  It is not wise, for sin is never wise.  It does not preserve my life, for sin never preserves.  It will never satisfy me, for sin never satisfies.

However sin does deceive.  Sin does lie.  Sin does ruin.  Sin does destroy.  Sin does snare our souls.  And sin makes a fool of us all.

And that is why Jesus died.  He’s got this.  He conquered it at the cross.  I now must move to take possession of the grace, strength and courage He offers me

I cry as I listen to this.  I will conquer this.  I don’t know when.  I don’t know how.  But I do know that I will conquer this.

<3  Keep a watch out tomorrow.  I am making a pdf poster of Psalm 141:3 (above) which you can down load and print should you wish to <3


  1. This is great revelation of The Word. Thanks for sharing it. Good plan to lean on Him to start the day out right. ‘Just remember His mercies are renewed everyday, my friend. ‘Just know that I’m IN THE MIDST of this right along with you.

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