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I’m posting this a day early on account of tomorrow being the day of Lillie’s African jewellery presentation/party.  And this week has really been all about just that.  The whole family has been getting stuck in, trying to figure out how on earth we are going to fit 20 plus people in our living room!  As of today we have it sorted (ie it’s a squash but we’ll manage) and the chairs are in position.  The display table is all beautified with African jewellery and a presentation board; Lillie has her (vaguely) African clothes to present in; snacks are ready, if not prepared, with Gary hopefully sourcing some extra African food tomorrow (he works with someone from South Africa).  Things are looking good and we are all feeling no small sense of relief at having it all done in time.
African jewellery party
I have practically no photos from this week, on account of prepping for the party.  I did, however, get some photos of the cabaret the children and Gary performed in last Saturday night:
In the middle of the program, there was a section for solos and both Thomas and Charlotte sang solos of songs they had written themselves.  Charlotte sang ‘Thank You’, a song she had written (and professionally recorded) for her daddy as a 40th birthday present:
 Thomas sang a self penned worship song called ‘Up Among the Stars’.  S15 sang with him:
 And right at the end all the choirs were called back up for one last song, and B5, who isn’t yet part of the choir, was allowed to go up as well.  She was so chuffed it was all she could talk about on the way home.  And apparently she went up to Leah (the choir teacher) and asked if next year she could sing ‘I wanna build a snowman’  as a solo <3  (it’s the only song she can remember the words to 🙂  )
Look how happy she is!
The two little ones were also able to hold little baby T.  T is the most content baby I have ever met!  He comes to crochet nights and even if he is awake the whole time, rarely makes a sound.  On Saturday, many, many people held him and he grinned his way through them all.  Thanks Tracy (and T), you made my daughters’ night:
I did manage to snap a gorgeous photo of my youngest and my oldest having a tender moment, but that was about it this week:
Next week I have a couple of reviews coming out and part two of Annabelle’s Story.  I’ll also attempt to write about Lillie’s jewellery party/presentation.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, with lots of love laughter and time with those you love.
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