Precious Moments

This week Charlotte and I have been holidaying together on a farm in Suffolk. It was meant to be a little respite from everything going on with her health. Time for me to recalibrate and time for her to get away and maybe heal a little. We have been staying in a gorgeous barn conversion run by a lovely Christian lady. It feels a little like a gift from God:

We have had a blast. I feel pretty much back to normal, with my rather silly, immature sense of humour at full pelt 😁 and Charlotte has been doing really well too. There has been no seizures and very few tics, her pain and tiredness levels have been really good and she has had the space to give some thought to how she wants her life to look over the next few years.

I have been editing my book manuscript and trying to finish it up so I can perhaps self-publish, as well as doing some behind the scenes work on my blog. Oh, and I have done lots of reading and much talking with Charlotte. We have managed to go for a walk each day in our beautiful surroundings, and are enjoying watching a fly on the wall type program on hoarding. I am primed and primped to go home and start clearing out all our clutter. Of course I’ll arrive home and all my good intentions will go straight out the window, but it is surprising how watching those who struggle with hoarding motivates one to clear the clutter, almost as a test to make sure you too are not a hoarder.

Charlotte has pretty much been following her normal routine from home, except she has not been doing any work on her Criminal Profiling course. She has been writing umpteen words for her umpteen books she has on the go right now, as well as reading and writing copious notes on the non fiction books she brought. She has also managed to read four fiction books. I am thinking I might need to stop watching programs about other people’s lives and start actually being a bit more productive in my own life. There’s nothing like having your chronically ill Super-Woman-like-daughter achieving triple the amount of stuff that you yourself have managed to spur you on.

That said, this is my first holiday for three years, and we are not all born to be Super Women. I am quite happy just being a mum. So there. I think I can feel another hoarders episode calling out to me…

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet fellowship with your daughter. The location you enjoyed sure is beautiful!

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