Seasons of Joy

This past week has allowed me to do things I have put on the back burner for the last few years. For example, although I finished my novel a couple of years back, it was not long enough to be deemed a book. I had written about 22000 words, a novel needs to be upwards of 40000. So this week I have set myself the goal of writing a thousand words a day. So far I’m up to around 27000 words. It has been fun to revisit characters I have imagined up, although they are becoming more and more like the members of my own family. Actually, I think I have enjoyed this week so much because I have been using memories of my beloved family, from whom I am separated at the moment.

This is the image I’d like to use for the front of my book

I have also been updating my blog. I am trying to have all pertinent posts organised and placed in the header pages at the top of my blog. Given there are 1600 posts to wade through, I think it will take me significantly longer than ten days to cover them all.

I’m including some photos of my family because I haven’t seen them in what feels like forever

Yesterday I worked on some maths posts (do click on the maths tab above if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to). The WiFi here is atrocious so each post takes about an hour to update and place under the tab. Hopefully once I’m home I will continue at the rate of knots. I also added all my Edwardian posts to the bottom of the History page. My hope is to rejig the whole History Page so that all my many history posts are formatted in the same way as the Edwardian Era posts.

Look at those gorgeous children! I can not wait to see them all again!

I also began my Art Page by adding the two art projects we’ve covered over the past few months, as well as making the Sewing School page a little more attractive. And last but not least, I have added a whole new Home Making page and placed last week’s posts on fire lighters and dried flowers there. I am hoping having the posts organised like this will help readers be able to access what they need quicker.

My gorgeous husband with his batty wife

The pages tabs above are far from being finished, but do click on them and tell me what you think. I have left all the old formatted posts up but they will gradually be replaced by the newly formatted ones.

Suffragettes Unit Study

Charlotte and I will be returning home on Wednesday. It has been a wonderful ten days away, but we are both ready to be back within the folds of our family and to be back in our own beds. Especially me. I am currently sleeping on the landing at the top of the stairs on a very thin mattress (so I can be near Charlotte in case she has any hallucinations). I feel about ninety for the first ten minutes of each day as my bones recover from the hardness of the floor.

Happy happy smile

My goal for the next few days is to add the complete set of the Life of Fred posts to my Maths Page and to reach 30000 words on my book. Oh and I shall be posting about the very first Christmas of World War One and also how we made our own gas mask to go with our costume for a World War One soldier.

Have a great day everyone! Oh, and apologies for the random photos scattered throughout. They were definitely more for my benefit than anyone else’s!

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  1. Best of luck reaching your goals by Wednesday; it is a lot of work updating older blog posts and tying them in where you want them. I spent all year doing that last year…

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