Precious Moments

Precious Moments

It has been a very busy but relaxing week. As the Covid restrictions lift, we are all running into the arms of those friends we have missed. The littles are thoroughly enjoying their times spent with their favourite friend, Evie Mae, and are loving the fact that she is now allowed in our house. The older ones have had a friend to stay:

She is also Thomas’ girlfriend, and lives a long way away, so he is enjoying having her visit for a week. He has willingly given up his bedroom to her, whilst he sleeps in the shed:

Anna is one of eight and fits in very well with all the noise and people milling about the house:

It’s quite funny, because I am always out in the garden (gardening!) early each morning, so I have the pleasure of a quick chat with my son as he sleepily makes his way into the house each morning. I often have a list of gardening questions for him which he very patiently answers!

On Tuesday we had some of the older ones’ favourite people in the world come for an ice cream sundae bar and a video night. They are such a lovely family of eight girls (although only five came for the video night) and everyone gets on so well ❤️

Thomas was the only boy with nine girls, but having been brought up with four sisters, he was completely in his element!

Last night we celebrated Ads’ last day at school with pizza and ice cream from Scoops. He was a mixture of happy to have now left school, and really sad to be leaving a school he has enjoyed being at. Charlotte had a wobbly moment as she saw all the posts on social media about leaving school and going on to the next stage. She was too ill to manage A levels, and I think that made her a bit tearful. Sigh. I really understand because these are such vital years that she will never get back. But she is the strongest person I know, and I am sure, all will be well.

Just a couple more pictures of our weekly waffle time. Favourite meal of the week!

And some random animal pictures:

And last but definitely not least, a couple of photos of Lillie:

Lillie has just started a full time summer contract, working at Gary’s place of work, as a waitress. She LOVES it, is meeting lots of new people and is exhausted each day she returns from being on her feet all shift!

Happy days, indeed ❤️


  1. Oh what wonderful precious moments this week! Time spend with friends can be so restorative and it looks like your clan is making up for lost time.

  2. A marvelous week. I am so glad you all are getting back to friends. We are starting to dip our toes into that lovely pool too.
    Blessings, Dawn

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