Precious Moments…. over the last few months….Part Five

So this last week has been a very eventful one.  Our dog, Oscar, was in big trouble with his mouth and the vet felt he needed to be put under anaesthetic so he could take a better look.  He was squealing with pain and the vet thought, given his age, it might be cancer of the jaw.  The fear of cancer was unfounded thankfully and it was a simple tooth ache from four wobbly tooth and one splintered tooth.  The vet said it was so bad Oscar even flinched whilst out cold.  Five teeth out, a good clean of the remaining teeth and £700 odd pounds later, and he is fine, out of pain and back to his normal self:

He’s an old boy (about 14 and a half – which is ancient for a lab) but all his test results came back normal.  The vet said he was in excellent heath for his age 🙂

On Tuesday the twins turned sixteen (for which I will do a separate post over the weekend):

They had already had a surprise tea at their Granny and Grandad’s in Northern Ireland, and had each been given a Minion cake.  They had also had another birthday cake at their Auntie and Uncle’s a couple of days earlier.  So by the time their actual birthday came, they were onto their fourth cake!  I made them a unicorn cake – a vanilla cake with unicorn confetti inside the actual sponge as well as over the icing, decorated with rainbows and unicorns.  Possibly a little heavy on the sugar!  In fact, it looks positively revolting looking at the photo below:

Oscar went in for his investigations on the actual day of his birthday so we all spent the day wandering around the house, worrying about him and waiting anxiously for the vet to call.  Their main (yearly) celebration is tomorrow with their close friends Cam and Josh with yet another birthday cake.  Eeeek, so much sugar!

The little ones have settled back into their school work well, and I shall be posting about them next week as we have changed what we are doing with them:

Charlotte has been focusing on her Classical Civilisation GCSE and doing some maths each day.  She is also editing her book and is taking part in nanowrimo by beginning the second book in the series:

Thomas is thoroughly enjoying his Music Production course at the local music college and is utilising every single opportunity he has there.  He is collaborating with lots of the actual music/singing students producing their work; he has taken up drumming as every student is encourage to learn to play a new instrument (and the lessons are free!); he also has lessons on running his own production company, song writing, piano…..and it goes on and on!  He is LOVING every single moment of it:

Lillie is currently working hard at finishing her Art GCSE equivalent, and really can’t wait to get her teeth stuck in to some of the more traditional/academic subjects once she has finished.  In the photo below, she is drawing whilst her brother drums on her shoulders!

And these are some random photos from the last couple of days just to finish off for the week:

Love my family!  Love my life!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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