Precious Moments…. over the last few months….Part Four

Today’s post will have all the other random photos for the last wee while.  Firstly, I found some more photos from Abigail’s tenth birthday.  After we had all gone for a walk in the hills we made our way back home to baked potatoes and toppings, after which we played a couple of party games before gathering together to pray for the birthday girl and her coming year.  I had filled a piñata with bits and pieces.  We hung it from our beams and Gary had great fun moving it to tricky to find places…

Sharing the spoils:

Doughnuts on a string:

And finally the birthday cake I’d knocked up that morning:

Elsewhere, Thomas has been teaching Abigail how to play chess:

Lillie has been doodling again:

We just came back from a holiday in Northern Ireland, and I didn’t get even one photo!  So unlike me, especially as we only see friends and family there once a year.  It felt like a flying visit as we had to fit it into the week Thomas had off from college.  We did a stack of charity shopping whilst we were there, and if I never see a charity shop again it will be too soon!!  I did find some wonderful bargainatious finds though, such as these pictures and material hearts:

and this incredibly cute dolly:

The pumpkin above was carved by Charlotte and reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’  🙂  I also bought these ‘mine and yours’ mugs for Lillie and I.  Lillie sometimes finds it hard to talk about her feelings so I bought these mugs.  I figured anytime she needs to chat she can make a tea for her and I and we’ll sit down and have a chat.  Cute, no?

We will be decorating the final room in the house which has not been touched since we moved in almost a decade ago – the toilet upstairs.  I will be kitting it out in creams and dark greys and found all of these, bar the towels, from charity shops for pennies.  I love me a good bargain:

And, finally a lovely picture of Thomas and Charlotte collaborating on a music project together.  I knew this day would come!  It warms the cockles of my heart (if my heart had any such cockles – what a peculiar saying!):

Tomorrow’s post will be catching up with all that has been going on this week.  I am finally all caught up!  Yay me!!




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