Precious Moments…. over the last few months….Part Three

This post is (pretty much) solely one celebrating my newly ten year old.  We happened to be at a homeschoolers’ holiday up in the Welsh hills which was gifted to us by our rather lovely friends.  Abigail’s birthday fell bang in the middle of the week we were there.  In the morning, Gary had offered to lead a praise and worship session for youngsters.  All the songs he chose had actions (of course!) and he roped the girls into helping him.  The photos below are them practicing:

My gorgeous husband:

Dancing with the head bands Auntie Nik had given us just before we left, for Ab’s birthday:

Thomas, who was far too cool for wearing head bands:

But the girls, not so much:

Back home Abigail was delighted to be reunited with Oscar:

We were due to have her proper birthday party the weekend after our return from Wales.  She was so excited, and just wanted Saturday to be here already!  I wasn’t able to make time literally go faster, but I could make it seem like it was going faster by keeping the girls occupied.  So I set up the kitchen to replicate the tv series ‘Chopped!’.  I gave the girls three ingredients – condensed milk, strawberries and cake and they spent a happy afternoon creating their own delights to eat as dessert after dinner:

And yes it really was a sickly sweet as it looks!  We have done lots since and they are definitely getting better at creating dishes which are edible…..

Saturday eventually arrived, and we spent it with a family we have spent every one of the little one’s birthday with.  It is always lovely to see them, and spend time creating lovely memories.  We did pretty much what we have done each year for the twins’ and Thomas’ birthday:- A nature trail, back to ours for baked potatoes and toppings, and ending with some party games.  Simple fun.

Caveman Gary:

Cave building Jonathon (with his handy assistant, Charlotte):

Our two little red-heads:

Twin fun:

And the men:

Charlotte met up with a friend she had made when she attended a homeschooler event in the House of Lords!  Her twin tagged along for good measure, as did her mother, her younger sister, her even younger younger sister…. the poor guy!  But he handled us all remarkably well!

Lillie and I spent a day in London together at the Victoria and Albert museum.  We specifically went there to see their William Morris exhibition (here’s Lil’ taking photos):

But they also had a fashion through the ages exhibition which we decided to pay to go and see.  It was all very interesting and great for her Art course:

If those two photos weren’t bad quality enough (phone camera and inside an’ all), you should see my attempt at taking a selfie:

Yes, I am indeed skilled!  Not!  So Lillie took over and managed to get a fairly decent one of the two of us together:

Another day the little spend a fun afternoon with one of their homeschool friends:

And that’s all folks….or at least it is until tomorrow 🙂



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