Project Based Learning: South American Animals


Whilst the older children dig deep into Shakespeare and all he has to offer, the little ones will be focused on South America.  It will be a primarily literature based study, with the exception of the project based learning the littles will do.  They have attempted to do projects before with my help but they needed so much more time than I had to give, none were completed to any degree.  This time I am using my strength.  And that strength would be other people 🙂

Project Based Learning

I have asked mum to join in and, having completely got the home school bug herself, she happily agreed.  Thank goodness for the addictive nature of home school!  For four weeks she will be having the little ones over for three hours each morning.  She will be focusing mainly on their projects which will be all about the animals of South America.

The goal is for A6 to read the following three books out loud to her:

Ribbet collagesa2

I think they are pitched at just about her reading level and it will be good for her to maintain her reading to Granny.  B4 will be colouring or sticking from these books whilst listening to her sister:

Ribbet collagessa1

I think Granny has A6 read to her for half an hour each day, so I imagine she will try to keep to that.  After A6 has read for her half an hour, Granny will read to both girls a book of their choice from the adventure box.  Granny usually treats them to milk and raisins to nibble on whilst she is reading, which I am sure will continue over the summer.

They will then be free to choose an activity or two from their Adventure Box.  I have tried to keep these activities as simple and mess free as possible to save mum any stress of mess and marks on her furniture 🙂 and I will be posting all about the Adventure Box and its contents tomorrow.

A6 will be doing her writing at Granny’s house because the quiet there encourages her to concentrate.  Her main writing will be the completion of this South American Animals Lap book.  The lap book contains a mini book of forty animals which are found in South America, along with some fun facts.  Mum will choose whether to read out the fun facts or help the girls find the animal in their encyclopedia and atlas:

Ribbet collagessa3

These two books will make up the main texts for the girls’ project, so I anticipate them being used a lot.  After they have read or listened to the information about a particular animal, A6 will write the information required in her mini book.  It is likely that I will have gone through and created copy work in advance to enable her to fill them out without needing too much of mum’s time, who I am certain will be required by B4 at this point.

I also have the following books to help them along with their project work for their display board (for their presentation), the rain forest collage as well as any pictures they may like to draw themselves of the animal in question:

Ribbet collagessa2

The children, Granny and I will work together and help them create their own presentation of their project work.  I am also hoping to be able to complete some junk modelling with the girls each afternoon, making some of the animals they will be learning about with their Granny.  These will be on display during their presentation.

Sarah will be joining us Friday afternoons as usual, and Lorna has said she will help out (Lorna and her two children are joining us for the Shakespeare summer – so it’s all hands on deck!).  I am hoping between Granny, Sarah, Lorna and I the little girls will have lots to keep them busy and out of mischief this summer 😉

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  1. Looks like another great unit. I LOVE that your mum is jumping on the home school bandwagon. What great memories and how great that Granny gets to be the teacher.:))

    1. Mum’s fantastic, and being somewhat of a perfectionist she does a really, really good job with the things I’m not so great at achieving – like good writing and spelling. We’re a good team!

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