South America Unit Study: Summer Adventure Box


I have already outlined my plans for my youngest two for this summer, and you will know that I am having a lot of help from my mum, Sarah and Lorna (Aren’t I blessed?).  This Summer Adventure Box needed to be extra special for just that reason.  There will be more people than just me using it.  This means it needs to be interesting for all, easy to use and with simple activities which all of us are capable of implementing.  I had huge fun creating it so I am hoping the girls will have lots of fun using it.

jungle fun summer adventure box


The books I chose were all linked somehow to South America.  You can check out the individual titles in my last two posts, and I will also give particulars of books we read as we progress through the study.  Suffice it to say, there are lots of lovely books on offer (imagine me gleefully rubbing my hands together!)

Lego Models

I have bought in two kits which together make multiple different rain forest animals.  I got these for A6, who is showing interest in building, engineering and science – everything her brother was interested in.  I will be asking her to do these on her own following the instructions:

Ribbet collagebox1

Cocoa Tree

We will be doing a side project based on the Magic School Bus book about how chocolate is made.  As part of that project we will be making our own cocoa powder from beans and also designing our own chocolate bars:

Ribbet collagebox2

Sewing and Crafting

Again A6 just loves to create with her hands and B4 is catching the bug for all thing yarny, so these two kits should suit them down to the ground:

Ribbet collagebox3

Colouring, Stamping and Dressing up

B4 is ALL about colouring in.  She adores drawing, colouring, painting….and I really do think she is rather good.  So to satisfy her need to hold a felt tip I have dug out the following:

Ribbet collagebox4


We already own a couple of jungle and rain forest puzzles as well as our trusty animals of the world puzzle, which we pull out ALL. THE. TIME.

Ribbet collagebox8

Plastic Animals and Play Dough Cutters

These were left over from our Curious George study we did three years ago.  I know they are likely to enjoy them just as much now as they did then:

Ribbet collagebox9

I will also be searching out some silicone plaster cast molds of monkeys and bears which the children used all those years ago, and which I know I kept for such an occasion as this!


This is another blast from past schooling days.  Muzzy is an elementary Spanish course which my dad bought for the older children yonks ago for Christmas.  As Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in South America we will be attempting to learn some:


Jungle Food (y’know, just in case we get hungry)

I was looking back at my old BFIAR posts to make sure I remembered all the resources we had previously used and that I would have stacked away for later use and I came across some home made chicken feed (for human consumption, of course), and thought making some similar jungle feed would be fun, fun, fun!  Here’s a picture of a very young (4 I think) A holding her chicken feed:

All done!

It’s made almost entirely of cereals so isn’t too unhealthy.

I’m sure I’ve probably left out something, but for now this is the contents of the girls’ Summer Adventure Box.

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  1. So many great ideas here. Thank you – you are giving me tonnes of ideas for our own continent studies.

  2. Awww. Sweet A.:) This is amazing! I have never seen those LEGO sets. They are great. Making chocolate! I want to visit on that day, p l e a s e.:))
    This looks super fun and I am sure the girls will just love it.

    1. Do come and visit!! The chocolate making will be particularly fun because we are going to attempt to turn cocoa beans into cocoa powder which we can use…..

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