Questions anyone?

First he made a fence around a small area of our garden, to partition some space off for picnics and the such.  An area the children will not be allowed to play in.

You may, or may not, have noticed I’ve been absent of late.  Last weekend I had a cold which went straight to my sinus’.  Sinus infections are very sore.  So whilst I haven’t been terribly ill, by any stretch of the imagination, I have been in pain.  So I took the week off from everything.  The children have been doing minimal school work and we have been having a bit of a spring clean.  We are due to break for Easter Holiday for two weeks tomorrow, which seems to have come round remarkably quickly this year 🙂  Surely we have only just returned from half term holidays?


Hopefully I’ll get back to normal posting next Monday.  Spring is making me all warm and fuzzy about cottage-y stuff and I have been pinning away heaps of ideas which I will force myself to make time for over the next six months or so. DSC_0950

I have had a few emails asking for posts about how I encourage sibling relationships and discourage squabbling, a post about chore training (!) and another reader has asked my take on dating (!!) (I have added exclamation marks because I believe my thoughts on these things may very well be worthless, having very low standards on tidiness and cleanliness and being very new to the whole dating thing!).  However, I shall endeavour to take the time to attempt to write something.  Are there any other questions out there?  I’ve got two weeks worth of holiday posts to fill up, so if there is a burning question you are desperate to ask, please do.  I promise I will answer anything reasonable…… (Lorna, don’t even think about it 🙂  )

In the mean time I will go back to spring cleaning, and, of course, pinning about all things country and cottage-like.  Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


    1. Hi Tracie, I think I may have covered this before. I’ll have a look and if I can’t find it I shall write a new post on it. Thanks for the question!

      1. Great post idea, love the questions you are getting. Btw I had a sinus infection and let me tell you I hear you on the pain. So bad!! I hope this means you are mending well. Take care, I look forward to reading your answers. 🙂

    1. Giggling away happily to myself! One day. Definitely one day 🙂 Gary really wants to tour America once the children are all grown up, so hopefully it really will be one day. I’ll not write a post on it though 😉

  1. Could you tell me more about how you do pocket money? I think you have talked about it before but I searched but couldn’t see where. I think your kids do work for money? But not I think chores. You wrote it a long time ago. I thought it was a great idea then and almost left a message for you to explain more. I have two children and they always expect such a lot from me. I am a single mum, working part time. I’d like for them to not expect as much and to get to understand the real meaning of money, which they don’t get.

  2. A big howdy from Texas! I read your posts all the time, but this is my first time to comment. I must say first I adore your blog. I recommended your blog to Homeschool Snapshots Podcast in fact, as I would love to hear Pam interview you! I hope she does next fall! Thank you so much for all you share. It’s an inspiration and I cannot tell you how much I’ve gained from your posts.

    My question is- how to you budget for your school, particularly your home library and projects? That seems to be my hardest spending to manage. I am looking for some budget savvy tips! There are just so many wonderful things to try. 🙂

    1. Hello Blair! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it is really nice to hear from readers I didn’t know I had! I’ve never heard of the Homeschool Snapshots podcasts, I shall have to go and investigate!
      Thank you for your question and I shall try to do it justice 🙂 , but you should know I spend waaaay too much on school stuff and not enough on clothes for myself!! I always think books look so much more interesting than clothes, it’s just a shame you can’t wear them (although, now I come to think of it…..)
      I do have a few go-to things which help me to school fairly inexpensively and I will be happy to share in a post.

  3. Oh Claire I hope you feel better now. This year has flown by hasn’t it? It’s crazy. And spring always makes me want to do all the things!!! And I love your post no matter what you write about.

  4. I really hope you are feeling better now. Sinus infections are definitely painful and make you feel all-over sickly. I’m just amazed at how much you get done in a single day on a regular basis. Seriously, we feel like total slackers. But I would like to know where you come up with all your fantastic project ideas because my brain is not that creative 🙂

    1. Hi Christy, thank you for your question. I shall give it some thought and attempt to formulate those thoughts into a post!
      Oh, and you and Amber are anything but slackers. I think you do a fab job in a tricky situation 🙂

  5. Oh please do tour Canada too, Claire! And bring your L along with you for our C.

    I’d like to know honestly when you sit down to plan each week or do you do this weeks or months ahead at a time (and if so…when do you find the time?) and how do you keep lists at bay for all the materials you need in the home for your hands-on projects? I can’t keep it straight in this house and often leave off something we were to do because I forgot to purchase some of the materials. The weeks just fly by too quickly, so I’m curious how you organize yourself.

    1. Oooh, this will be an interesting one to answer because when I didn’t sleep I planned over night and taught during the day. Things have definitely needed to change over the past year or so, because now I am sleeping I have far less hours in a day.

  6. Hmmmmm…… great pressing questions. I’m sure I have them, but right now my brain is fried.
    I’m still firmly of the belief it’s January, except the bluebonnets outside that caused me to nearly crash the car as I pointed to them for my kids (who really could care less) say it is not.

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