Reading, Watching and Listening Over the Weekend

It’s a super quick post today as we’ve spent the day playing lots of team games for Abigail’s second birthday party. This is the first chance I’ve had to write, so I’ll not be saying too much 😀


I’m still plugging my way through Critical Practice with Children and Young People (my master’s text book). I’m finding it interesting reading although, because it requires quite a lot of concentration from me, I’m only doing about 30 minutes per day. The focus is on how critical evaluation from children and adults alike may be helpful in the development of social policy.

I’ve also started Autumn Chills by Agatha Christie. This is a collection of Agatha Christie books, set in autumn or with autumnal cosy undertones, and which I am thoroughly enjoying. Best of all it knocks about six or seven books off my 100 books in a year! Win win, wouldn’t you say?


I’ve not had a huge amount of watch time this week, but I have found a new YouTube channels, Miranda Mills’ Book Tube, which is where I got the Autumn Chills recommendation.

Gary has been watching Mrs Brown’s Boys. It’s a bit rude and basic for my liking, although the more I’ve watched the more I appreciate its humour! We’ve watched a few episodes this week and I have been in hysterics! It’s shot in front of a live audience and most of the cast are related to each other in real life – this sets the tone for much ad libbing which in turn has the cast unable to control their laughter! Hilarious fun!


Last but not least, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Crush Hour: A Musical from Audible. The singing, acting (with the voice) and the story were all so lovely. Crush hour is all about individuals, who are unknowingly connected with each other, navigating rush hour by taxi, train and bike. I really recommend for something a little bit different.

My classic listen this month is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I can’t say I’m loving this. I’m only a few chapters in but it hasn’t grabbed my attention so far, and if I did not know what book I was listening to I would not have a clue thus far that I was listening to Frankenstein!

What have you been reading, watching and listening to this week?

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