Charlotte’s Love Story: The Wedding

I’m going to let the photos do the talking today. Suffice it to say, it was small, intimate and just how the bride and groom wanted it. Oh, and I’ll also prefix the photos with the fact that Charlotte and Ads married in the same church as Gary and I did. It’s a very old church (think 12th century) situated on an ancient Roman site. Leah, a close family friend, married them and Andy, another close family friend, took photos. From start to finish it was perfect, filled with ease, love and God.

After the wedding we headed off to our favourite restaurant that we have spent many a happy Christmas. They were kind enough to give us their entire upstairs, so we had the privacy for speeches.

Honestly, this was one of the most stress free, wonderful weddings I have ever been to. Love radiated out from both the bride and the groom, there were no dramas and it was so relaxed and intimate. ❤️

Perfect in every way 💕


  1. Congratulations, Charlotte and Ads. What a beautiful day for a wedding. Charlotte, you looked stunning and so radiant, and Ads, you look like the happiest man in the world! Claire, I can’t believe one of your babies is married. How wonderful, but where or where did the time go? She was just a wee girl playing dress up a couple of days ago! These photos brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Please tell them I wish them a most happy life together and we are thrilled to see all their dreams coming true. Love from your Texas friends. ~Donna

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