Reading, Watching and Listening this Week

reading, watching, listening

Welcome to another week of reading, watching and listening! I’ve had a lovely balance of these three things this week. I chatted yesterday about my time-blocking scheduling. Because of this, I have been able to decrease the number of days I focus on my masters, now only working towards it on a Tuesday. This has freed up a bit more time for a more balanced week. And balance means times for reading, watching and listening.


I reread The Golden Bull by Marjorie Cowley. I can’t say I love this book but as literature written about Mesopotamia is few and far between I really needed to review it (find my review of The Golden Bull Here) to include it in my Mesopotamia unit study.

Much of my reading this week has been online reading. I’d one day like to start my own shop on my website. I’ve learnt that my website can actually take a shop without any extra cost because of the business plan I am on with WordPress. The problem is, unlike with Etsy who figure everything out for you, hosting my own shop means I need to figure out things like tax when selling to other countries. It’s hard people!! I have read and read and read but I don’t seem to be able to get my head around it. It’s either very confusing or I’m simply not as bright as I thought I was…to be fair, it’s highly likely to be the latter!

I think the plan is to continue with Etsy and figure everything else out hire someone else to figure it all out once I am earning a regular income. I think what I might do in the interim is just do a shop page with links to the products I am selling. That way, I can still kind of advertise my ware (as it were) but not actually fulfil any orders on my blog.


Since I created my second YouTube channel, Angelicscalliwags Art, YouTube have kindly taken to recommending all sorts of small art business channels to me instead of the normal ancient history channels (which they recommend because of my first YouTube channel, Angelicscalliwags Homeschool.). This has been super cool because I’ve found loads of channels I never knew existed, and best of all, a lot of them are in the UK. One of the channels I have actually bought products from their Etsy shop! I’ll share three for now. The first is Laurel Mae Art, the second is Emily Harvey Art and the third is Abi Nova. All are at different phases in their online small business and it’s very lovely to watch other British artists having success. I have also been watching most of the videos of Emily Cromwell Designs. She runs a super super successful business and is so likeable and inspiring. I really enjoy watching her videos.


Well, I finished A Room with a View by EM Forster. I can’t say I enjoyed it much. No, I really mean: I can’t say. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. Each night I have put it on for twenty minutes and I am almost always asleep before it ends, apart from nights when I am insomnia-ing. So I literally have no clue whether I enjoyed it or not. I couldn’t even tell you the names of the main characters or if, indeed, there were any! Does it count if my subconscious was listening?!

I am enjoying a sort of book/podcast on Audible about Introverts, written and presented by introverted comedienne Aparna Nancherla called The Introverts’ Survival Guide. As one of the biggest introverts I know, this is more than fascinating to me. I mean, there are more people just like me?! Nancherla interviews fellow introverts and I find myself exclaiming ‘Yes!’ about a zillion times each interview. She also does a tongue in cheek advert for things an introvert might find use for…I mean these products don’t actually exist, but if they did…

If you are an introvert and feel like you live in a world taken over by extroverts, this is the podcast for you! Seriously. Listen to it. You’re welcome.

What have you been reading, watching and listening to this week?


  1. The introvert’s guide appeals to me too! I am still reading ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Built to Move’ and for fiction, ‘Anne’s House of Dreams’ as I have now accepted that I like to read very gentle books!

    1. Good for you! I found all the Anne books really hard to read…a bit like Swiss Family Robinson. I’ve just put the Built to Move book in my Amazon basket -sounds right up my street!

  2. The Anne books have not turned out to be my favourites but one of my daughters loves them and couldn’t believe I had only ever read the first one!

    1. I must say, both my older daughters loved them too. My younger ones have odd taste in books…a lot of dystopian fantasy, which I completely don’t get!!

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