Meadow Sticker Sheet {Small Business}

Meadow Sticker Sheet

Each day of the week, I focus my attentions on one thing. I’ve found I get much more done this way. Monday is my small business day. This doesn’t mean that I do nothing towards my business on other days, just that Monday is when I schedule most of my small business tasks. So, each Monday, you should expect something linked to my small art business to pop up on my blog. Today, I will be showcasing my Meadow Sticker Sheet.

Today, I have added my Meadow Sticker Sheet to my Etsy shop. I try to add one product each week. Adding one product a week is manageable for me and also feels like my tiny business is always slowly moving forward. Over the next few weeks I will be adding my Sea-life journals to my Etsy shop, having finally managed to get them all the same!

This will be my final post for a while regarding sticker sheets! I’ve already demonstrated the huge learning curve of actually designing them, as well as showing you a glimpse of the final sheets. I’ve shown you my Woodland Sticker Sheet,  Safari Sticker Sheets  and Sea-Life Sticker Sheet in action. This post will be all about my Meadow Sticker Sheet, which is probably my own favourite. This will be a photo heavy post…

Presenting My Meadow Sticker Sheet!

I have chosen 12 colours that are my ‘brand’ colours, which I use across every platform. These brand colours contain six dark colours and six colours which are a few shades lighter. I chose one dark colour (in this case green) and its lighter pair (a sort of grassy green), to create each sticker sheet. Eventually, I want to have a sticker sheet in each of my brand colours.

Meadow Sticker Sheet

This sticker sheet had elements from both my Cottage Garden Greetings Card and also my Silver Fox Journal Page (which I didn’t think was good enough to print out as a greetings card):

Meadow Sticker Sheet with matching greetings card

A close up:

close up

And showing the relative size:

Showing size

I have also created a notebook (actually five of them!) in this design with different interiors. They all look kind of cool together:

With matching notebook
Meadow sticker sheet with matching greetings card and notebook

It’s all coming together very slowly! As always, thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world to me 🧡


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