Rebecca’s Bedroom (almost) Finished

In just three days we’ve managed to almost finish Becca’s room. I say almost because at the end of this month Abigail will be moving out and into Thomas’ room, and Becs will be getting a new to her bed. Between us we have got rid of 15 or so black bags of clothes, toys, rugs and bedding to go to charity shops or the tip:

The bunk bed will go and be replaced by a single bed.

Becca has limited her clothes to seven outfits plus a smart dress. I couldn’t persuade her to get rid of any of her cuddly toys, but they have a place to live on top of her cube unit. She also needs to organise her art supplies a little better, but she is almost there:

All of her clothes, bar the smart dress, are stored in the cubes above. We are going to make some labels so she knows what clothes are in each box.

We also went through the actual wardrobe which we will be using to store things in rather than hanging clothes. This was packed from the floor to the ceiling and now it is organised and contains only the spare bed and bedding, the littles’ own Christmas decorations, their holiday suitcases and travel games, out of season duvets and toys we are keeping for our grandchildren…oh and a gymnastic mat:

You can see the guest bed on the right with the freshly washed bedding on top and on the shelf above.

Becca’s going to go through her art stuff tomorrow, the last items to be decluttered. I am so pleased by how easy the bedroom will be to keep tidy and Becca is a very happy little girl.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the kitchen defrosting and completely cleaning the fridge and freezer, as well as making a mixed fruit diluting juice:

Tomorrow, we will be emptying the twins bedroom into Thomas’ old room and then slowly putting it back together again. I am hoping to get rid of even more rubbish/things from their room.


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