Shut-In: Karaoke Edition

Karaoke was up next. In a fairly musical family, I am the dud. I can’t sing a note…or at least I can, but it is rarely the right one at the right time. This was the activity I was looking forward to the least. I suddenly began to understand how Thomas felt each time I make him bribe him with a coffee to participate in an activity. Literally, as the day progressed I was getting more and more nervous. I did not, unfortunately, have a leg to stand on. No-one, least of all the men in the family, were willing to give me a break. I had to do this whether I liked it or not. I did not.

Charlotte and Lillie went first, singing a duet from a musical called ‘Dear Evan Hansen:

They did brilliantly, acting it out and generally having lots and lots of fun!

Becca sang True Colours by Cyndi Lauper, and it was so beautifully done – simple and pure:

Abigail did a song from the same musical as the girls had chosen, which she sang very well:

Ads sang Sweet Caroline:

Given how nervous I felt, and knowing he felt a little that way too, I was so impressed that he had the courage to sing at all. And he did an incredible job!

Charlotte did a second solo song, Listen by Beyonce which was brilliant (as expected):

Gary sang Summer of Sixty-Nine. He was so funny! He is a worship leader and very confident vocally and performing in front of people. Becca danced along with her daddy, whilst we all sang along and it was all just adorable 🙂

I went next. Oh my, I was so nervous! I sang Hello by Lionel Richie. I did not get up and stand in front of everyone…I couldn’t cope with that. I sat in the corner and sang. And that was that. I sure hope we don’t have another singing session.

Lastly, Thomas played and sang a beautiful song called ‘If the World was Ending’ by JP Saxe & Julia Michaels, which Charlotte knelt and joined in with:

It was a lovely ending to a fun evening. Love my family!

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