Shut-In: Black Bag Fashion Show

Yes. you read that correctly. The goal was to pair off and create fashion garments and a rhetoric to go alongside them. The fashion garments could only be made from black bags and tape and we had just twenty minutes to make them:

The boys went first (they won’t allow me to put any photos of them, which is a shame because Thomas’ outfit that Ads designed was fab!)

Thomas designed a very good representation of a Roman soldier outfit for Ads, whilst Ads had designed a top to toe outfit for Thomas and written different posh brands onto tape for each item (Gucci belt, Armani hat etc – so funny!).

The twins were partners and they each designed a dress for each other. Lillie, who was asked by the university she is attending in September to study fashion, made an outfit for Charlotte which looked decidedly non family friendly. She very enthusiastically explained her concept. In fact, they both took to the role of model and speaker spectacularly – I am forver blessed by girls who throw themselves into everything:

Abigail and Becca were paired up and considering they were the youngest, I thought they did really well. The detail and thought which had gone into each outfit was incredible. They wore their own and spoke about their own concept:

And lastly there was Gary and yours truly. We did try, but honestly a bin bag is never going to look amazing on a middle aged couple…so we went for the less is more perspective, much to all the children’s embarrassment. It was the very latest in baby couture. We made two super sonic nappies complete with integrated pacifier holder (and pacifier made from tape and black bag – get us!) and a holder for a baby bottle:

It’s difficult to imagine a time we had embarrassed the teens more, except perhaps as they read this post and look at the photos 🙂

Of course you know how much I enjoy embarrassing my teens (and any others who happen to be residing at our house), so I post this with much gusto!

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