Shut-In: ‘Who am I?’ History Edition

This was a surprisingly simple yet fun idea, especially when everyone gets involved. I had made Thomas his bribery coffee, so he needed to keep up his end of the bargain…and he did! Yay!

The premise of this game is that each individual either dressed up or acted the part of a famous character in history. Let the fun begin…

I went first. Gary had ‘helped’ me to wrap toilet paper around me (and yes we kept it to reuse as loo roll!). This is waaaaaay harder than it looks and didn’t give me quite the professional mummy look I was going for:

In fact, it was rather pathetic. That said, everyone screamed out Tutankhamen as soon as I walked into the room, so they did at least know that I was a mummy. Ha! But I had been clever, knowing full well that King Tut would be their go-to pharaoh. I was actually his father, Akhenaten, the only pharaoh known to worship just one god – the son god. I knew (because I had taught them myself), that all five of my children knew about him. Alas, none of them guessed correctly, with Ads coming in with the correct answer eventually!

Lillie was next. She dressed up as Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly around the world. Thomas guessed her almost immediately:

Becca dressed up as Cleopatra:

She had learnt lots of facts about her to help everyone guess. However, her dress up was so amazing that everyone yelled ‘Cleopatra’ the moment she stood up! She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because her dress up was so effective or cry because no-one had given her a chance to tell all her facts 🙂 We encouraged the smiling!

Abigail dressed up and acted as Harriet Tubman, the woman famous for taking slaves in the South to freedom in the North. She acted the sculking between bushes and the checking of the stars in the sky to lead her north:

The towel was meant to represent a quilt, which was another way slaves had of travelling to their freedom. We asked her a few questions and eventually guessed who she was.

Charlotte took her turn as an unlikely Newton. Everyone knew immediately when she revealed her apple:

And then there was Ads…

He was a very white Jimi Hendrix! How cool does he look? He borrowed Lillie’s hair extensions and Thomas’ electric guitar and voila!

Thomas, in a rare moment of joining in properly (!), dressed up as Christopher Eccleston’s Dr Who:

I’m not entirely sure that Dr Who could be seen as an historic figure but he had donned a leather jacket and had a screw-driver so who was I to complain? The others got him almost immediately. I didn’t have a clue. On account of it not being an historic figure.

Last but not least was Gary, who as usual had put a great deal of thought an effort into his participation, and came as Henry the eighth. He opted to act him rather than dress up as him, rather alarmingly ‘galloping’ into the living room shooting things with a bow and arrow. Yes, very Henry the eighth… It was when he began chopping poor Abigail’s head off that it twigged with us all:

Good fun was (possibly) had by all!

My next post will be our fashion show with the latest couture black bag fashion. The boys were dreading this, but actually did particularly well. Unfortunately, they won’t let me upload the photographic evidence of their brilliance. No matter, the girls did such a great job, and they don’t mind their pictures being plastered all over my blog.


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