So Sorry…

As most of you now know, I have combined my two websites into one, angelicscalliwags. I followed the instructions and it completed yesterday. And because of this, I have a sorry to say 😬

What I had not realised is that by adding one to the other, WordPress would send out all 71 posts again to my email subscribers on angelicscalliwags.

I am so so sorry.

Gary phoned me yesterday to tell me he had just received 71 emails from me with every post I had written since the beginning of the year.

I must have missed the small print that told me that might be a side effect of combining the blogs.

To be honest, I thought I would lose all of my email followers, because, let’s face it, NO-ONE wants 71 emails from the same person.

But only 7 of you left. And that is quite okay! I completely understand!

However, I am so grateful for those of you who didn’t ❤️. Thank you for sticking around and not running a mile from the weirdo who just sent you 71 emails! You have my word, it won’t happen again…

Going Forward

Whilst I really am terribly grateful to those of you who have decided to stick around, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that angelicscalliwags will not, going forward, be just a homeschool blog anymore, and you may, therefore, want to unsubscribe after all 😊

There will be the odd homeschool post, particularly the monthly homeschool logbook which I keep for the local authorities. I will also be writing any Mesopotamia posts with videos to go along with the Mesopotamia unit study I am currently working on.

However, there will also be a lot of non-homeschool related stuff.

My twins tell me my blog is going to become a ‘life style’ blog.

I’m not sure what that even means! And I’m almost certain that a nearly 50 year old is unlikely to be able to run a cool sounding ‘life style’ blog, at least, not this almost fifty year old!

But I will be writing more about my life going forward, having spent the last two decades pouring my everything into my family and my children’s education.

It has been a weird few years trying to find my feet with having adult children living at home, as well as much more time on my hands.

My Eclectic Collection of Interests

So the rather eclectic collection of things I might write about are health and fitness over fifty; exploring my artistic tendencies and attempting to make a small amount of money from them; studying for my masters in Childhood and Youth Studies; keeping my brain alive with all the books I am reading this year and, of course, home-making, parenting and wifing.

The twins are begging me to resurrect ‘Precious Moments’…

Of course, this may not interest you going forward, and if this is the case, please do unsubscribe and there will be absolutely no bad feelings, just lots of love and best wishes 😍

A Comment about the Comments…

I have also noticed that there is no way to comment on angelicscalliwags. I have it set to accept comments so I’m not really sure why there is no comment sheet at the bottom of each post. You know how I like a good ol’ chat, so I will see what I can do regarding this over the next week or so. WordPress are usually brilliant at sorting out issues for me (unfortunately, they could not turn back time and prevent the 71 emails going out yesterday!).

So… going forward… I know better than to set myself posting goals. Inevitably life happens and I fail miserably. So all I will say is to expect around three posts per week on everything and nothing…the ramblings of a homeschool mum who is coming to the end of her homeschooling days and is finding her feet whilst filling up her time doing a collection of unrelated but meaningful (to her) activities.

I’d love it if you joined me ❤️

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