The last time I went swimming was approximately ten years ago. I remember swimming maybe a length and a half before feeling like I was having a heart attack. It scared me so much that I got straight out and never got in again…until Saturday.

I had wanted an exercise to do on a Saturday which was different from the rest of the week, where I would be making myself out of breath. I walk Harv Monday to Friday but my mum likes to walk him at the weekend. This is great as it gives me a break each week, which I love.

However, it does not start my Saturday off how I would like.

Exercise first thing in the morning sets me up for a good, productive and healthy day ahead. It also helps me to sleep. So last week, I determined that Saturday would be my swimming day. I booked myself into the lane swim for 815am and paid for it upfront.

I had planned to walk there (it’s about 40 minutes away), but luck would have it that Gary didn’t need the car that morning so I drove instead. I squeezed (and when I say squeeze, I really do mean squeeze) into my very old Speedo swimsuit and slid into the water in the slow lane, praying nobody was looking.

Of course, absolutely nobody was paying ME any attention at all! They were all intent on enjoying THEIR swimming, so I decided to stop being so self conscious and just GET ON WITH IT!

I swam twenty lengths. It was amazing! I enjoyed it so much. In fact, I think I could have swum another twenty. The difference between me now compared with 10 years ago was astounding. I was barely out of breath, I did not get tired at all and I did not have the heart/breathlessness episode of a decade ago.

I got out after twenty lengths as that was the number I had decided to do. But next week I shall do 22. Once I have got to 50, I shall move from the slow lane to the middle lane and swim a bit faster. But, for now, I am thrilled. Walking each day with Harvey and going to the gym three times a week has made me strong (or, at least, stronger – it’s all relative, I guess!). I could not have been more proud of myself.

Afterwards, I bought myself a latte and drove to a secluded area to drink it.

Life felt very good.


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