Spring Precious Moments

I would have to question whether spring has actually sprung down in the South East of England…it is still freeeeezing here, although the sunshine does pop its merry head out every now and again to remind us all of what we are missing.

The tide has turned in the angelicscalliwags homeschool.  We are relaxed once more and enjoying plodding, rather than stressing, our way through each day.  Lillie’s photography has very definitely been purposefully demoted in importance as she spends more time on her art and jewellery making qualifications.  We have taken up maths once more, much to Charlotte’s distaste, and reinstituted a proper hour long quiet time into our day.  I have two children who would rather study (can you believe this?) and each day I have to force my son and youngest twin to ‘put-down-their-books’ and read/relax/sleep for an hour.

As one twin is learning not to work so hard, the other is full of enthusiasm for all her new courses:  Charlotte had been studying for her English Literature IGCSE (which she took in January – grade still to come) as well as a Latin GCSE and Law GCSE.  Once the exam was done she had too much time on her hands.  She is a prime candidate for mischief, is my Charlotte, when she does not have enough to do to keep her too busy to make mischief 🙂  So we went searching for some new subjects for her to learn.  This incredibly enthusiastic, intelligent young lady has decided that the law might just be the thing for her, along with politics.  Politics on its own isn’t a subject which can be taken at GCSE level, only A level, so she has contented herself with studying Citizenship GCSE, which has some components of Government and Politics in it.  She is also taking Psychology, Classical Civilisation and of course the dreaded maths, which if she ever passes the Heavens will surely open up and the Angels sing in delight….

The books for each of these courses have been arriving in their droves from Amazon, and Charlotte has barely contained her excitement, practically engulfing Mr Amazon delivery man in a bear hug each time he attempts to post the book through our letter box!  Trying to get her to stop studying has been the issue of late.  My Charlotte is not capable of doing anything by halves, and her excitement keeps her up at night.  So it is a battle of wills as to whom will be victorious in the question of whether she should be allowed to work past three o’clock each day.  I will not surrender!  It is, I guess, a good problem to have, especially as apathy bothers me far more than over-excitement.  But I also need to ensure her health, so I must be the stronger of the two of us…….and this is easier said than done 😉

I have given Thomas complete freedom (apart from insisting he downs study books for a quiet time each day).  He is rising to the occasion admirably.  He has completed his courses now for all three IGCSEs he is sitting this summer.  I photocopy an exam series (usually two exam papers per subject) which he takes and then marks himself (and so thoroughly revises the topics for a second time whilst marking).  This means he takes six exams each week in preparation for his summer exams.  He can choose when to take them, when to mark them, when to scooter and when to see his girlfriend.  But he must have his quiet time for an hour!  He has also almost finished his level two BTEC in Engineering at college.  I think he only has four weeks left, so it’s all good.  He is so ready to start the next chapter in his life.

The little ones and I have been enjoying school as normal and it feels so good to be spending lots of time with them both.

As for the rest of the time, the past month has been spent having fun together, celebrating B7’s birthday:

And yes we wrapped her birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper.  We asked her first if she minded.  She didn’t.  So we did!  Her main present was half of the swing and slide set we bought last year.  However, she saw this Winnie the Poo luggage at the charity shop and asked so sweetly if she could have it, we bought it for her.  She kisses it each night before going to sleep 🙂

Gary took the little ones for a bike ride:

and Gary almost very nearly fell off his bike when Charlotte declared that she too was going for a bike ride.  To exercise.  Now Charlotte is not known for her love of movement so this was very irregular!  I had to capture this momentous moment in history for posterity:

We had a bit of snow, which was such a treat:

And the little ones made a Snow-man and a Snow-woman and Charlotte joined them in holy snow-mantrimony!  Lol.  She cracks me up:

They were less than impressed when I drove over them with the car 🙂

A9 found a feather and some ink and spent hours upon hours making cards and letters for her family:

Speaking of which, part of the little ones writing was to learn to write a friendly letter.  I have extended this to a new tradition, which I will write about in a post all of its own, of the family members writing letters of specific appreciation to other members of the family; these are then opened each family night:

I love this new tradition!  It has the very lovely added bonus of giving us all the opportunity to heap appreciation on daughter’s, son’s, parent’s and sibling’s shoulders and build us all up, creating unity and closeness all around.  At least, that’s the plan!

Life feels good right now.  It is not February anymore, and there is a hint that spring might just be round the corner.  Mornings are lighter, evenings are lighter and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Yes, life really is very good indeed 🙂



  1. It is lovely to hear that harmony is back in your household. It is a blessing to have such ambitious children that you have to insist on a rest time and you are a wise woman to do it.
    BTW I love those English streets. We have a few in colonial Annapolis, but they are rare here.

  2. So glad you found your equilibrium again! It’s so hard when we’re struggling through a season of homeschooling trying to find that balance again. Sounds like things are going nice and smoothly again. I love that new tradition of letter writing!!

  3. They’re all doing so well, you must be so proud. All of a sudden the lighter mornings and nights have appeared and it feels like spring might be here soon. Have a lovely weekend

  4. Wow. What excellent progress you all are making. I have the opposite problem with one that always wants it to be rest time. The world feels very overwhelming to him.
    Blessings, Dawn

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