The Christmas Truce {World War I}

The Christmas Truce refers to the only time during the Great War when both sides downed their weapons. Together buried their dead, sang Christmas songs together and exchanged gifts. They also played that now infamous game of football in no man’s land, the land occupying the space between the trenches of the allied forces and the enemy.

The First Christmas and the Christmas Truce: Resources

These are all lovely books, but my favourite is The Christmas Truce by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. The illustrations are stunning and the writing uses Silent Night as its focus. The War Game is a short chapter book which Becca found simple and quick to read.

The First Christmas and the Christmas Truce: Comprehension

I am trying to include more comprehension work in the girls’ school at the moment. Abs finds them fairly simple. But for Becs these have posed some problems. That said, she does seem to be finding them easier each time she tries one. I got these from Twinkle:

Abigail’s is above and Becca’s is below:

Christmas Gift Boxes

I have already written about these Christmas Boxes, but as they were sent out during the first Christmas I thought I would link again from here. These boxes were designed and sent out by Princess Mary. She wanted to show the nation’s support and thankfulness to the countrymen who were overseas fighting:

Christmas Postcards

The last activity the girls did was to write a postcard home. They pretended they were a soldier fighting on the frontline and therefore away from home at Christmas:

Not quite as exciting as our Edwardian Christmas, but the girls learnt enough to make it worthwhile 🧐

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