The Perfect School Day?

I had a whole different post planned for today until my youngest twin brought me her writing assignment yesterday for me to look over.  I had asked them to write about their perfect home school day.

T12 had written five sentences about how he would like to get all his school work done in the morning and have afternoons free.  He’s nothing if not brief and hopeful!

L11 had written out a whole schedule starting from 7am in the morning and finishing at their bedtime of 8pm.  It was incredibly detailed and if it were up to her I’d have three Einsteins on my hands, because with that much work achieved in a day one couldn’t help but be clever!

C11, as she so often does, took my assignment and turned it on its head.  What a joy it is to read her writing!  At first she handed me a sheet with one sentence on it.  It read ‘Mummy. I can’t write a paragraph about the perfect home school day.  I already have the perfect home school day every day.’  I grinned and gave her a big hug.  However, knowing her as I do, and knowing that to limit herself to writing just two sentences about anything was an impossibility, I turned over the sheet.  As expected she had written a lot more, only she had crossed it out.  Sheepishly, she said to me that it didn’t flow and she wasn’t able to say exactly how she felt.  I read it.  I want to record it here.  Not because my daughter has set me up as a paragon of a home school mummy (I know the truth), but because I want to record it for posterity.  It will be little things like this I shall so enjoy re-reading in my dotage.  So here it is.  Ignore the patient part.  I’m not.  At all.

Gary and C11

My Perfect Home School Day

Hello, I’m C and I want to tell you how you can have a perfect home school day:

  1. Firstly, you would have to have my mum as a teacher.  She has lots of patience.
  2. Secondly, you must always have a cheerful attitude.  It makes your teacher feel she is doing a good job.
  3. Thirdly, always persevere.  Remember, whether you are good at a subject, or not, always persevere.  As the saying goes, ‘Perseverance makes perfect’
  4. Finally, always, always ask for help and you will find you will achieve (if you don’t ask for help and start blubbering you’ll only fail)

I hope I have encouraged you in having the perfect home school day.

Priceless!  Thank you so much C, I love your writing and I so enjoy your quirky personality which shines through everything you do.  I love you so much sweetie pie.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Claire. I love to read about the unique personality of each child, and it’s always so heartwarming and fascinating with each one! Reading their writing makes me identify more with L11 (I’m also a do-er and planner) but I certainly know of another boy who is as brief as T12 in writing, and I would very gladly hang out with C11 in the hope that some of her wonderful perspectives would rub off on me! 🙂

    1. I’m a peculiar mix of private girl’s school education which has taught me organise and make lists (like L), together with my natural scattiness (like C) and a real headstrong need to do whatever it I want to do (like T). Yes, it’s never boring in this house!

  2. It really does sound like the perfect home school day. I’ve had several people comment on my patience which is odd as I always feel I have none at all!

  3. Oh thank you for sharing! It is those bits of writing and creating when our kids personalities shine through that are so much fun to witness, and look back on!

  4. She is wise beyond her years. I think she is right, too. Now, how do I ship you here so that we can have the perfect homeschool day, too. And while I am at it, I think I will ship you all here…or perhaps we would all go there….so many details to work out. 🙂

  5. I am so glad you shared this today. What a blessing to have such wonderful children. I know you will treasure C’s because it speaks of the love you all share for one another.
    Tell T I am with him! I, too, would love to be finished by lunch and have the whole afternoon for exploring the great outdoors.
    I hope your children know that they are blessing people beyond the walls of their home:)

  6. How lovely! It’s moments like this that you have with your amily that makes me so looking excited about homeschooling and creating a wonderful bond with my daughter.

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