Week 50 – Looking Back Over Twelve months of our Pond

March 2013

And this is what we greeted with.  It's a hard life...
April 2013

Our incredibly beautiful pond

May 2013

Can you see the difference just from last week.  Everything has burst into bloom.  Look at those colours!

June 2013

Our beautiful pond
July 2013

Our pond on a glorious summer's day

August 2013


September 2013


October 2013


November 2013


December 2013


January 2014


February 2014

Next Week I’ll be sharing our plans for the next 12 months.


  1. You’re more organized than you claim to be if you can pull together twelve months worth of pictures – of the same area! It’s a lovely pond, it’s been nice following along 🙂

  2. Why was the digger on site?? I have thought about doing a post on our bird feeders where we have lived. Such interesting birds have graced our back yards… I love this series with the pond!

  3. Love the pond pictures. I think July is my favorite. You have done a wonderful job of being faithful to the study. I am looking forward to hearing your plans for the next pond study. It truly is one of my favorites!
    Have a lovely day, Claire.

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