Wintery Precious Moments (Week Two)

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Hellooooo…this is just a quick post this week, recapping the very few moments I had the opportunity to capture on film.  Unfortunately, A9 seems to have gone down again with this infection, despite ensuring lots of fresh fruit and veg and fresh air.  Lillie informed me a couple of minutes ago that she feels like she is getting a sore throat again, and Charlotte just fell asleep during quiet time.  I am still getting sore throats each night, although I am fine during the day.  This infection has just floored us as a family, and one or other of us has had it since the beginning of December.  Any ideas, anyone?  I’m seriously thinking about taking them to see the doctors, which I would never usually consider for a cold.  But it is dragging us all down and needs to go!

Anyway, onto school:  Thomas has been sitting past papers all week.  It requires an awful lot of attention but he has coped – today he sat two lots of two hour maths papers.  He’s averaging a B at the moment, which given he hasn’t actually finished the course yet, is very good.  He did a lot of this:

He also broke his scooter which means he’s lost his primary means of relaxing.  So he’s resorted to playing his guitar in between sitting papers:

Lillie has been hard at both her art and her photography.  She is about to start a new project entitled ‘A Day in the Life….’ in her photography and she handed in her latest lesson of art, which was a coloured self portrait:

She based it on artist ‘Neo‘  She received 85% for it, which is quite low for her, but I think she understands that she possibly would have received higher had she done a traditional colour self-portrait.

Charlotte has been doing past papers in Law and was not impressed with herself at all with the grade she got!  But she has over four months to improve upon it and it was her first ever paper for something other than English.  It’s been fun taking her and the two friends she studies law with to Manna on a Monday and Wednesday.  Sophie, one of the girls, is very musically talented and she has put (it seems) like the whole book of law to music  and she sings it in the car.  I can see that I am going to be well-versed in all things legal by June 🙂

The little ones have been beavering on.  We have finished the third Life of Fred book, Cats, and are almost finished with Venus.  They have been enjoying the newly reinstated quiet time, and have read lots and lots of books.  I have also let them have an hour or so before bedtime to read quietly to themselves.  This is what I found one night I went up to tuck them down:

A (9) reading to B(6).  So cute:

The best thing is that it seems to have flowed over into their everyday.  Here they are huddled round the radiator whilst A reads to B:

B(6) has been busy making all sorts of presents and bits and bobs made from wool.  Here she is recording herself pretending to make a YouTube video:

It’s so cute listening to her 🙂

And my last little piece of news is that we were gifted a Wii which came with Wii Sports.  Then about a week later Gary found a Wii Fit with balance board for £5 at a charity shop.  The boys set it up yesterday and enjoyed trying it out:

I’ll be interested to see whether we get any fitter with it…..

That’s it for me.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with all the people you love!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. We are in the exact same place with the cold as your family. We just can’t shake it off completely . Every morning my throat is killing me, but gone thru out the day.

    I love your daughters self portrait. She is very talented. My girls painted with acrylics this week and I was so impressed with how well they turned out. I can’t wait to hang them on my walls.

    Best wishes.

  2. We have found great success with thieves oil in a defuser. You can get it from amazon. We also use tea tree oil soap during times of illness. Lots of ginger and vitamin C.

    What a great week even with the lingering illness. I love Lillie’s art work. She is amazing. What a bummer about the broken scooter. That is so hard. We loved our wii. It died a few months ago. We did the yoga and strength building all the time.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I hope the lingering illnesses leave! We’ve been battling the flu (I think) this week and being under the weather is no fun for anyone! I love her self- portrait even it’s not done in the traditional sense.

  4. We have also been struggling with illness since the beginning of December . Everytime my kids go anywhere, it seems, they pick up some kind of bug.
    It sounds like much was accomplished despite the illnesses. Love the two little ones reading together! It sounds like your older kids are working hard and doing well.

  5. I have found that really ill winters tend to come in seasons–perhaps once every 3-5 years. Then we’ll be blessed with 3 or 4 really healthy winters. Perhaps this is your bad year, and next year you’ll be so full of antibodies that you’ll be protected from everything that comes around!

    Otherwise, try swallowing raw garlic and making apple cider vinegar tonics. Just google the idea, and you’ll find a ton of potential recipes.

    I’m sorry that Lillie’s awesome self-portrait got a lower than desired score. I quite like it and think it says more about her than a traditional portrait ever could.

    Wishing your older kids much success at their various papers, and wishing your littles many more joyfully shared story hours. 🙂

  6. Hopefully everyone is up and going by now. We are having the worst flu season in several years. So far, except around Christmas, everyone here is okay, although everyone seems a little sluggish. Maybe spring will perk everyone up again! Lillie’s art is really progressing. Great job! Poor Thomas. Is his scooter fixed yet? I’m sure he is bummed. We have a Wii. The only problem with Wii fitness – you have to actually do it!

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