Changes and Updates

I just thought I’d check in and let you all know where I am at regarding the updating of my blog. It’s taking time, but I have now updated all of my 2012 posts. Some of them I have updated and posted again – these you will already be aware of. I’ve also updated some which I have not posted again. These include the following:

Jesse Bear

Our Wonderful World

Homeschool Biology: Cells

Anglo-Saxon Homeschool Presentation

Homeschool Living Maths: Probability

How to Make a Viking Costume

Homeschool Living Maths: Exploring Angles and Triangles

Homeschool Living Maths: Co-ordinate Graphs

The Muddle of Maths

Caps for Sale Book Unit

Cancer Crept In

Stained Glass Window Homeschool Lesson

How to Make a History Board Game

I’ve also begun to create my Articles Page. This now includes all my homeschool articles as well as a page which has all of my Homeschool Logbooks. I will be posting all my unit studies here eventually. I have begun a mega Mesopotamia unit study page. This is a work in progress and is not nearly finished yet, but it does now include some printable note pages and a STEM design sheet for building a shaduf:

My Mega Mesopotamia Unit Study Post

As I said, it’s not quite finished yet, but is worth taking a look if you’re planning on teaching Mesopotamia this year. I’ll be adding to it weekly. Once I’ve finished, I shall post it on my articles page

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