Daily Homeschool Schedule

daily homeschool schedule

Welcome to my daily homeschool schedule. I am a creature of habit and feel at my most peaceful just working my way through my tasks of the day. I do have some time constraints, such as the start of school or lunch, but mostly my day is routine and rhythm rather than time scheduled.

Before School: Me

My mornings start at around seven. I am usually awake before this, but I do have an alarm, just in case. The first thing I do is make myself a freshly ground coffee. It is my one luxury item, and is essential for me to start the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (so to speak…I don’t actually have a tail, bushy or otherwise). I take the coffee back to bed and read my devotions book, and if I have time, any other book I have on the go.

Next, after the coffee has been imbibed, I head back to the kitchen with the empty mug. We all have chores to do in the morning, and I am no different. My chores are the bathroom chores. I spend about ten minutes cleaning the bathroom. I also take out the laundry of the night before and put on a new wash. If the weather is good, I take Harv out into the garden and we hang up the washing together. Well, I hang and he chews everything in sight.

Harv and I head out for a walk around the block. I usually listen to a podcast in this time – often it is one from Gillian Perkins. They are short and full of information. If I don’t fancy listening to her, I have always got an audio book on the go, so I’ll just put that on for the fifteen minute walk.

Once home, I have my second coffee of the day (I only allow myself two because I think I could get addicted very easily). I use this time to check emails, post a blog post and get everything ready for morning meeting.

Before School: The Girls

The girls set their own get up time. I don’t mind what time they arise, but they know they must have eaten breakfast and done chores before morning meeting. Abs does the dining room and Becs does the living room. They usually have cereal or porridge for breakfast, which they get for themselves.

Daily Homeschool Schedule: Morning

Our daily homeschool schedule kicks in at about 9 for morning meeting. During the morning meetings, I read aloud from a heap of books. You can find these in my plans for 2022-23 post. I read for one hour. Abigail, who is learning how to do Indian Head Massage, gives me a one hour massage and also does my hair for me. This is how she earns her pocket money. Becca snuggles in with a fluffy blanket. I don’t have a set amount of pages to read, I just read until there is a natural pause. If I don’t finish every book, I’ll just make sure I do the missed books the next day. I always start with our devotions book and Mystery of History – these are does every day.

At around ten, the girls do their maths. Abigail, who has a heavier maths schedule, works for about an hour. Becca, who is very strong in maths, does one lesson and then pops over to my mum to read to her and to learn spellings.

During this hour, I help any one who needs help with their maths, or I do house work. This is the time when I am least likely to be needed, so I try to make the most of it. This year, my plan is to start upstairs and work my way down. Upstairs gets neglected because mine and Gary’s bedroom is downstairs so we hardly go up. This year I want to be more intentional. I will also begin preparing my breakfast, which I eat at eleven.

Between eleven and eleven thirty we all have a break. I eat my porridge and the girls and I take Harv around the block again before settling down to literacy. This year I am covering C S Levis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in detail. We will be doing this for an hour and a half, until lunch time.

Friday Morning

This will be different from the other days. It is the time I will be holding a weekly homeschool meeting with each of the girls separately. I did this with my older ones, when they became more independent. It helps the child feel less like they are managing everything on their own and gives me a chance to check where they are at and if they are struggling in any way.

It also gives Abigail the extra two hours needed to complete her Sociology GCSE work.

Daily Homeschool Schedule: Afternoons

The afternoon will consist of about two hours plus of learning and will contain all their interest led learning. The girls have chosen their courses with Abigail choosing exam based ones and Becca choosing course-work based ones.

Abigail will do Environmental Management on Monday; Key Stage 3 science and Apologia Chemistry and Physics on Tuesday; Psychology on Wednesday and Thursday (with a live lesson on Wednesday) and finally Sociology on Friday.

Rebecca will do Level One Textiles Monday and Tuesday; Level One Mixed Media Wednesday and Thursday and Maths and Spelling Friday afternoon.

And me…

I will make myself available each afternoon. Whilst I don’t expect to need to help Abigail too much, I do need to be around for Becca. She is doing a course which perhaps is suited for ever so slightly older students so she needs my help understanding what is required of her. During the times she is carrying out the actual tasks, I will be making revision cards for Abigail to use for her Environmental Management, Psychology and Sociology. I also need to be around to take photos of Becca at each stage of her practical work to prove it is all her own work.

School finishes around four but I have left an extra hour or so before dinner just in case either needs to finish up their work. At four, I will then go to my study and work on my blog. As you all know, I am spending one year trying to monetise angelicscalliwags. I have a list of things I want to achieve each day, which is far too ambitious (of course!). During this hour, I will be writing my book for thirty minutes, designing one more page for my perfect homeschool planner and adding bits to each of my family posts (seasons of joy, precious moments…etc). I will also complete the Homeschool Log Book for the day.


Evenings are free for each of the children. Of course, I cook dinner between 5 and 6. Usually I listen to an ebook at the same time, unless someone is in the kitchen chatting or helping. I am in the middle of three books at the moment: Foundations of Social Understanding, The Compound Effect and The Life Giving Parent. I kind of just pick which one I fancy at the time. We try to make it a priority to eat at the table together each night, especially during term time.

Once I’ve cooked, that’s me done for the night in terms of home based chores. I’ll then spend up to eight working on my blog, writing new posts, updating old posts and creating notepages to go with my unit studies (I am drawing all the pictures/images on Procreate). Once eight comes around, I’m all Gary’s 😊

The girls go up to bed around eight and both read for an hour, Abigail often reads for longer. They tuck down whenever they feel tired.

I wrote about my weekly schedule yesterday, but Sandy asked specifically for me to write a daily schedule out. I hope you find it useful, Sandy!

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  1. That sounds like a lovely and balanced schedule! My day starts at 4:30 (I have to be on the road with Alec by 6:30) and like to get in my workout, shower, chores, and such before I leave. I’m hopeful he’ll “win” a parking spot on campus this year and then I just have to make sure he’s out the door by 6:30 in which case I’ll definitely start sleeping in until at least 5:30!

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