Precious Moments

The week began rather well when we had an impromptu picnic Sunday afternoon.  We invited Leah, Jonathan and their two girls (same age as my two youngest).  Half way through I brought out the science bucket for them all to make some garden potions.  They had a whale of a time, made a huge amount of mess in our front garden and made some really tasty looking dandelion muffins:




and you all know we can’t get out the goggles without at least one photo of my youngest in her too-big-goggles:


Jonathon and Gary worked on our computer whilst Leah and I sat and surveyed the mess quickly appearing before our very eyes:


It was such glorious weather.  In fact the day before Gary and I had stopped off at the garden center and bought ourselves the most delicious vanilla smelling plant, as well as a shrub which grows in the shade:


Can you smell it from there?

Having bugged us for a few weeks, we finally relented and bought B5 a canvas:


She loved painting on it so much she spent all of her hard earned cash on a pack of five small ones.  I’m thinking I might have another artist in the house:pm14

Speaking of which, L has been trying out some different lettering and created another mixed canvas:


I love the words she chose.  It reads ‘she knew that she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up by his heart and placed in this world for a purpose’:


She has also tried her hand at water colours this week, painting some dandelions in the wind:


I love the subtle detail of the seeds floating in the breeze:


She has also been prolific in the jewellery making department.  She has taught herself to crochet:


and macrame, in addition to doing both at the same time as beading.  The photos don’t do her work justice.  The ones in the upper righthand corner are incredibly good, sturdy and look really professional:


She has also had her hands on my glue gun.  I had wondered where it had got to.  I should know by now.  If something goes missing it is invariably found in the twin’s room.  She has been using the glue gun to stiffen material to turn into bracelets:


These have to be my personal favourites.  They look really good on too:


and tie up with a beaded tie:


She is a girl who likes to create.  Honestly, there is no stopping her.  And she amazes me all the time.

I got absolutely no photos of T and C.  Sorry guys, I shall make it up to you this coming week 🙂


  1. I love the pictures of your little girls engrossed in their messy play!!
    Your daughter’s jewelry is beautiful. Does she sell it?

  2. This is my third attempt at posting a comment! This computer does not like me today. I just wanted to say what lovely art/items your daughter makes. Okay posting again……

    1. He’s fine actually. He went through about six months of not wanting his pictures taken, but these days he loves it just the same as the girls 🙂

  3. Wow! This post makes me want to craft, and garden…and I’m thinking we could have a lot of fun with some sidewalk chalk on all those bricks. And the goggle photo…I love your goggle photos, they always make my day 🙂

  4. Look at all that fun. Such a creative week. I love all the projects your kids make. I need plants too… But haven’t made it to the store to even look. It will be August before I replace my dead ones. I’m in envy of your lovely smelling plant 🙂

    1. The smell was so strong as well, and yet it wasn’t a vanilla plant. Who knew?!
      Buying plants is become a highlight for me…surprisingly. Maybe it’s old age?

  5. Hmm. I thought I posted, but I guess not.?. The picnic looks like tons of fun. Love B in her goggles and her precious smile. She is the cutest! C’s artwork is beautiful. She is certainly gifted. Her jewelry is lovely, too. It is wonderful that she is able to incorporate her gifts in with her schooling. I’d love to know the name of your plant. I am always looking for new plants for the garden.

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